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California Postcards – Set of 10

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We think there's no better way to send greetings to friends and family than with a handwritten note. Nowadays, the average household receives only one personal letter every 7 weeks. So, when something arrives through snail mail, it comes as a delightful surprise. That's why we have designed our collection of California postcards: We want people to feel loved when they receive them, and we want to allow you to share a piece of this beautiful place you call home. All of our postcards show a hand-drawn illustration of typical flowers, animals, or treasures found in the State of California.


  • Designed and printed on 100% recycled paper in California.
  • Naturally textured brown kraft paper gives each postcard a rustic, eco-friendly appeal.
  • The text and parts of the illustrations are printed with white ink, which creates a unique look in combination with the brown kraft paper.
  • Each postcard set is wrapped and shipped using plastic-free, recycled materials.
  • The size of each postcard is 4x6 inches.
  • These postcards can be mailed with a regular postcard stamp (within the US).
  • This set consists of 10 postcards: Red Aloe Flower, Bird of Paradise Flower, Poppy Flower, California State, Hummingbird, Monarch Butterfly, Gray Whale, Bear, Quail, and Sand Dollar.
  • Ready to ship in 1-3 business days from California.

Because we think California is the best place to live, and its stunning nature deserves to be celebrated and protected, we only offer planet-friendly postcards. All of our cards are locally printed on recycled paper and wrapped and shipped using plastic-free, recycled materials.