I design to make the world   
  a happier, more colorful place.  

  Founder and Creative Director Alena Rieger 
is a German-grown,  
  California-based designer,
 nature-lover, and eternal optimist.  
Hi, I'm Alenarieca – 
Great to meet you! 

Alenarieca is an adapted spelling of my first name Alena, my last name Rieger and the place I’m fortunate to call home – beautiful California.

Pronunciation: Alaina-reeca – with sort of a very long ‘e’ like you would pronounce the city Eureka.
I was born in northern Germany and grew up surrounded by many people with big hearts. I guess that's why I grew into the person I'm today: An eternal optimist with a big smile on my face. I'm passionate about meaningful design, amazed by the beauty of nature, and motivated by constant development – this is what drives my life and my work. 

For more than 10 years, I've been grateful to have worked with different agencies and individuals developing original communication pieces. At Alenarieca, I specialize in logo design and brand development for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 
A couple of years ago, I've exchanged German rain clouds against Santa Barbara's palm trees. I'm thrilled to meet inspiring people and taking up new design challenges to help my clients build and expand their unique visual identity.
Strategy, Design, Technology:
This is where I thrive

Each  project carries a piece 
of my heart & soul in it.
Get in touch!

If you like what I do and think we'd be a great team, let's meet and chat!
You’re the brain of your business idea, and I’m passionate about developing your unique face. Whether you’re already in business or a rookie – I’m excited about visualizing the core of your brand and building your visual identity to help you share your vision beautifully, consistently, and effectively. And here’s what I can do for you:  

‣ Strategy & Creative Direction 
‣ Logo Design & Brand Style Guide 
‣ Icon Design & Illustration 
‣ Apparel & Merchandise 

‣ Editorial & Layout 
‣ Stationery 
‣ Packaging Design 
‣ Magazines & Lookbooks 
‣ Marketing Material 
‣ Environmental Design 

‣ Digital Design 
‣ Motion Graphics 
‣ Social Media Design 
‣ Opt-in PDFs 
‣ Online Media Kits 
‣ Infographics
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